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Zhongping Jian
Zhongping Jian

Present Title & Affiliation
Director of R&D
Edwards Lifesciences (California, USA)


Director of R&D, Edwards Lifesciences
Sr. Manager of R&D, Edwards Lifesciences

Machine Learning Based Hypotension Prediction

Hypotension during surgery and in the intensive care units are associated with increased rates of complications such as acute kidney injury and myocardial infarction, and the risk of serious complications increases with the duration and depth of hypotension.  

Advance warning that hypotension is imminent could facilitate diagnostic and therapeutic measures to lessen the clinical impact of hypotension.  The prodromal stage of hemodynamic instability is characterized by subtle and complex changes in different physiologic variables. These changes reflect altered compensatory mechanisms and result in unique dynamic signatures in arterial waveforms that could be used to predict hypotension. 

Here we describe a machine learning based algorithm, the Hypotension Prediction Index, to predict hypotension before it occurs using high fidelity arterial pressure waveform recordings.  The algorithm was developed to observe subtle signs that could predict the onset of hypotension in surgical and intensive care unit patients, and the performance of the algorithm was validated in various unique data sets.